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Welcome! On this site, I share stories and learnings from my journey to find and preserve my “spark” – finding what makes me happy and excited to be alive, and how to do more of it. It will include future posts on staying fit and healthy (quite a challenge as a busy mom and professional!), on creating the space, the time and the environment that allows you to figure out what “sparks” you, and how to go from dreaming about adventures to making them happen.

For now, I invite you to read about my recent trip to the jungle of Guyana, where I was trained in survival skills for 7 days and then had to survive on my own in the jungle for several days.

If you don’t want to read the detailed journal of my trip (Jungle Survival Journal), and get right to the good part, read about my experience in the isolation phase:



And, if you want to learn about survival skills like fire making and shelter building, take a look at these posts:


Shelter :


If you’d like to see what a tropical storm feels like when you are in the middle of the rain forest by yourself, hit play on the videos on this page:


And if you have ever wondered what those white grubs taste like that you see on survival shows, watch me eat one in the videos on this page!




You can find the full list of posts from my Jungle Adventure Journal over here:

Jungle Survival Journal


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