Who am I?

CHris Lake ClarkeHi, I’m Chris. I’m on the other side of 40, married to Dan and mom to Deron. I work in marketing at a large corporation and live in a house with a smallish sun-challenged garden in southern Connecticut.

And I have a secret desire to be the Most Interesting Woman in the World. A fitting companion to the guy from the Dos Equis commercials.

You know, the guy who flies planes, dives with sharks, wrestles bears, gets invited to lavish parties and is allowed to touch the art in museums? That guy.


How would I describe Myself?

mimiw 1

Imagine Indiana Jones and James Bond rolled into one, but with long blonde hair and female curves. Okay, maybe more Hermione Granger than Indy, smart, nerdy, introverted; knowledge combined with courage and an adventurous spirit. Amelia Earhart from Night at the Museum.

Of course I’m nothing like that in real life. But you gotta dream. And then you have to help make the dreams come true. Or you die. Not literally maybe, but you shrivel up inside, little by little.

Join me on this Journey!

I’ve been on a long journey from feeling weirdly anxious about my life, and blah about the future, to being excited to wake up and having plans and dreams. A long journey to find the spark inside myself.

Everybody’s spark, vision, passion, or whatever you want to call it, is different. But the ways to get at it, the tactics and the strategies to discover the spark that will ignite your life, those can be shared. And learned.

Join me on the journey to find more excitement and more adventure in your life!

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