Jungle Survival Journal – Pre-Trip: Training for Trekking through the Jungle

Divya, the professor, says her pack was 42 lbs, so I figure it’s a good idea to do some walking with a heavy pack to train as much as I can – you start off the trip by hiking into the first jungle camp with your pack. I have been walking a few times a week since  April, when I was in Europe, and have been pretty good about doing it regularly. But that was just me walking through the neighborhood, with a water bottle.

So I load up a backpack with my free weights, and Dan’s weights: 2x 5lb weights, 2x3lbs weight and 4x2lb weights, wrapped in towels. Wow. That’s pretty heavy.

I walk with that a few times. If I decide not to go in August, but in January or next June, it’ll be good exercise and if I do decide to go in August, it’ll be good training.

I walk three times, an hour or so each time, before or after work, just in our neighborhood. Then I increase the load: I add a few pounds of rocks from my yard. Should be about 30 lbs now. But when I weigh it, with the weight of the pack and whatever little things were in the side pockets, it’s actually 35.5lbs. No wonder this feels heavy!

I walk with that a few more times. Feels easier now than it did at the beginning. Maybe my muscles are slowly building. What Tim Ferris calls micro-progression, LOL.


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