Jungle Survival Journal – Pre-Trip: Rainy Season – To Go or Not to Go?

It’s been raining all night and I drive to the office in pouring rain. Yeah, no. I really don’t want to do this in rainy season. It’s going to be miserable. And I have nothing to prove to myself. Just because Divya said it’s more challenging to do it in rainy season and that that is why she did it, is no reason for me to make myself miserable. — She’s right, though. I mean, how many times will I do this? Once. So I might as well do the most challenging thing, right? — Whatever.

It’s POURING. Who wants to go camping in that type of weather (yes, hotter, buggier, but still, rainy) for 2 weeks! — Alright, decision made: I’ll do it in dry season. It’s not like I’m chickening out: I’m still going to do it. I’m still going to train. And just take my time getting everything ready. I’ll still do it.

At 11:28am, I check Facebook. I checked earlier that morning. Still nothing. These people really need to get a move on! I mean, whoever the lucky winner is, will basically only have 4 weeks to prep for this trip. 4 weeks!! Impossible. Anyway, I am invested in this now and at least want to find out who won. I see that I have a message.

O.M.G. I won! I  WON! I freaking WON the FREAKING TRIP! I’m actually trembling as I write back. I sort of can’t really believe it. But after a few messages back and forth I believe it. I call my husband. I won! I won! He doesn’t even know what I’m talking about. And then he goes, “what country is this in again?” and “You’re really going to do this?”


Of course I am. The universe is giving me a super chance here. The push I needed. Yeah, rainy season. Whatever. I won! I’m doing it now. If it’s wet, I’ll dry later. OMG: I WON!!!! WHOOOOOOHEEEEEE!!


They give me time over the weekend to think it over, but I’m not changing my mind. I mean, I won. The universe made this happen for me. I gotta go.

Time to prep!!!!! They have an extensive list of what kit to bring.


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